Wednesday, April 28, 2010

California Adventureland Last day

It's a Bug Life land was really fun for the kids and it really wasn't busy at all. I think we took about 30-45 min to make our way slowly through it all riding every ride.
Taya loved the lady bug rockin roll.
Taya and Dad.
I just love this picture. Adam loves these benches, so we made the girls get their pictures take on them.
Mom and Rylie on the Calofornia Screamer.
Dad and Rylie on the California Screamer.
Taya being Taya.
Rylie and Dad on the Maliboomer. This ride shoots you straight up! I thought for sure Rylie would not like this one. Oh no she loved it she took me and begged Adam to go again.
Rylie and Mom holding on for dear life.
Did I say straight up and up!
This was the Jellyfish ride. It took us up and bounced a couple of times. Taya and Jayden really enjoyed it so it was fun.
Taya and Mom, and Rylie in the back.
Dad and Rylie on the Grizzly Rapids.

Jayden and Taya in front of the waterfall at the Grizzly Rapids
Rylie and Mom.
Mom and the Girls.
Rylie and Dad.
The girls and Chip.
Pluto and the girls
We spotted Goofy and the girls went over had him sign there books. When they where done I told them to turn around, and this is who turned around! Ha Ha he is so goofy.
Still goofing around for the picture!
These are the wonderful people of Disneyland.
So we ended up seeing so many greatly dressed pictures that Adam decided to capture their fantastic style on camera! This one is just classic love the orange!
The bottom left corner this one is great not quite sure what her theme was!
Look closely at this ladies pants! The only thing holding them together is what is around the waist and knee, oh and there was a littel string down by her ankles. You can only see the one leg but both legs where just as bad!
Taya posing we found more dresses that looked like the one she got! So she had to model for us! Oh and don't you worry she was trying to add some bing to the outfit, if you notice her hand they are full.
I love the faces that she makes aren't the cute!
The Dumbo ride!
This one was classic! She even has on Hightops.
Can you tell I am trying ignore Taya and her crying?
The Roger Rabbit ride!
Jayden and Rylie wanted to go by themselves.
Jailed at last!
Puppy dog eyes!
Ok if we aren't going to help them out then we get a jail break on our hands! I love Rylie's facial expression.
Mickey's house. Taya found a chair just her size.
Rylie making herself comfy!
Jayden decided to share pluto's chewed up slipper and his bed!
I love this picture of the girls with Mickey Mouse!
And the whole family!
Driving in Toon Town!

Taya was so tired! She passed out. Good thing it was time to go.
Rylie had to shoot before we left. She is so much her Daddy's girl!
We finally found something for Jayden and it is time to leave!
Well we couldn't leave with out one more wonderful picture of Disneyland style!
I was showing Adam how sunburned I got notknowing I would get a wonderful picture! I guess it is a good thing that this was all I showed him!
We ate at Carls jr. on the way out of town, and we didn't make much further when Jayden passed out we wore her out!
Here is Taya faking alsleep for the picture. I was taking them of the other girsl and she yells at me to take one of her so this is what she gave me!
Rylie didn't much further than Jayden.